Sale of enterprises

Įmonių pardavimas – tai procedūra, kurios metu įsigyjama naujai įsteigta, veiklos nevykdžiusi ir visiškai parengta darbui įmonė (UAB).

Sale of enterprises is the procedure during which a newly incorporated enterprise (UAB) which has not operated yet and is fully prepared for operation is acquired.


  • You will be able to start your activities on the spot;
  • We will prepare the company selling documents within 2-3 hours; 
  • The enterprise offered for sale will be able to engage in any permissible economic-commercial activities;
  • The authorised capital (of 2500 EUR) has been formed;
  • The price of sale of the enterprise includes of all costs (there are no additional fees for a notary public or the Center of Registers);

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