Company registration in England

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A private limited liability company (LTD) is a private legal person with limited civil liability whose authorized capital is divided into parts called shares. The authorised capital of a private limited liability company must be not less than 1 £. The amount of the authorised capital shall be equal to the total amount of the nominal values of all shares subscribed for in the company.

Documents and information necessary for establishment:

  • Company’s name;
  • Data on an incorporator(s), director (name, surname, personal ID number, residential address);
  • Company’s registration address;
  • The authorised capital shall be 1 £.

Costs of LTD establishment:

  • Price of preparation of incorporation documents is 130 £;
  • Fee of the registers is 170 £;
  • Assistance in applying for a social security number – 100 £
  • Assistance in opening a personal bank account – 100 £
  • Assistance in opening a company’s bank account – 300 £
  • Legal address – 300 £  /1 year
  • Receipt of a VAT number – 150 £;
  • Translation services – from 29 £ /1 page(1,500 characters)

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