Certification of translations

Translation of documents may be certified by a signature of a translator and our agency stamp, and, upon the request of a customer, by a notary public.

Certification by a translation agency

This means certification of translation by the signature of a translator and the agency stamp. The document to be certified is bound with the original copy of the translated document or its copy. Translation of the document contains the insertion that the person who has translated that document assumes the responsibility for correctness of translation as well as specification of the source language and the target language.

Price of certification by our translation agency: 1 document – 4* EUR .

Certification by a notary public

If the documents must be certified by a notary public, it is necessary to deliver their original copies or copies. A notary public certifies the copy of an official document and certifies authenticity of the translator’s signature. If you do not have a copy of the document, no problem – a notary public will make it.

Price of certification by a notary public: 1 page – 12* EUR